Allow me to introduce to you:

The Archdruid Report

John Michael Greer writes “Druid perspectives on nature, culture, and the future of industrial society.” Wisdom, not simple answers.

Core 77

This site does its best to cover ‘Design,’ and manages to go beyond ‘hey, that looks cool’ tech-blog coverage of the latest thing. There’s plenty of that of course, but also mention of the societal implications of design, historical basis for object culture, and some insight on the practice of design.

Make Magazine

This site (and paper publication!) lives at the intersection of technology and craft, and promotes exploration of the aforementioned as a creative outlet for people who aspire to more than passive consumption in their lives. It’s getting more serious as Makers start looking for ways to use their creative drive to support each other and provide for themselves. As part of this growing societal trend myself, I look forward to our means of production being re-localized, with the neighborhood hackers bringing the best of the shared ideas that the internet has to offer down to their communities through physical objects. So far, Makers have made a lot of flashing LED’s and 3D-printed plastic toys, but this is early days in a big movement as increasing energy costs make fixing things and hacking things and using what’s at hand ever more valuable services for Makers to provide.

The Tim Ferris Show Podcast

I’ve been a fan and follower, two words I rarely use to describe myself, of Tim Ferris since I read ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’ and put some of those ideas into practice. His podcast consists of entertaining long format interviews with influential notable people who have had a real impact in the world, and helps to spread their methods and wisdom.