I’m a Designer, Fabricator, and Technologist, trained in engineering, design, CAD, woodworking, etc.

I’m currently working in the film industry fabricating props and sets, alongside other carpentry projects, appliance repairs, and freelance projects for myself and clients out of my East Vancouver shop space; some of my projects find their way onto this site.

This page is an abridged portfolio of the work that I can unreservedly show publicly, since it’s not confidential or proprietary to the companies or clients I’ve worked for.

Most of my side projects involve wood or furniture since the tools are available to me and I can solve the specific and apparent needs of people I know through design and customization in that area. I like responding to the ‘pull’ of a client request since I know my efforts will be valuable, rather than ‘pushing’ a product into a market that may not exist. That said, I hope to draw my experience from these projects, along with my experience in my full time work in other areas, to create finished, production ready items so I can focus on refining and optimizing to produce greater value, and reduce some of the duplication and overhead that comes with custom work.

I am actively seeking employment, start-ups, commissions, contracts, and cool stuff to collaborate on.

I reserve all rights to this content, but would be happy to share for non-commercial purposes, and am open to negotiations for commercial ones. Ask me, I’m flexible. If linking to content on this site, no blind links please, and give credit where it’s due. Thank you.